Wright & Teague

Gary Wright & Sheila Teague

“Wright & Teague jewellery is characterised by tactile, organic shapes, talismanic symbols, textured gold work and a curious ability to look ancient and relentlessly modern at the same time.” LoveGold, 2014


We make everything by hand. We have never really been tempted to involve other companies in other countries in our output. As artists and jewellers, we know it matters to our clients and collectors that our jewels come from our hands. Literally.

The same rigorous standards are applied to the smallest, most intimate silver charm and the most glamorous statement necklace in gold; we use different metals for their intrinsic qualities, for what they bring to a design not what they are worth. Craftsmanship and care create a deeper preciousness.

Some of the techniques we use exploit modern technology. But most carry on timeless traditions. When we sit at the bench, sometimes we feel an unbroken thread of craft and skill connecting us to the jewellers of Thebes or Troy. The hand-finishing on every tactile gold piece gives the metal a delicate, almost lemony hue. Our silver has depth and texture which creates an individual character.

This passion for craftsmanship has direct benefits today. Together with the coherence of our designs, the integrity of the work allows any piece to be worn with every other in endless combinations, as personal collections are built and treasured. And our clients all tell us how joyful it is to touch and wear a hand-made jewel; soft, flowing, organic, almost becoming part of you.

We take special care in sourcing and selecting the best raw materials we can ever find. From last October, we have only used 18ct Fairtrade Gold. Diamonds of a certain size are certified by the GIA and guaranteed to be conflict-free. All our diamonds, even the tiniest, are of a minimum clarity of VVS1, ‘F’ or better in colour and always immaculately cut. Our Celestial ring involves meticulous care in choosing individual gems of gently varying size to create a revolving ripple of light.

We love the sense of worlds and time colliding in a single piece. Mozambican rubies or Zambian emeralds. Ancient Venetian trade beads and petrified woods. Delphi and Trio rings glow with the colour of aquamarines, sapphires, tourmalines or tanzanites. Every stone has its secrets

Our jewels are made to last. But in the unlikely event that yours ever need attention, repairs are charged at cost and every penny given to charity, usually to Oxfam.